Ok so I really feel that this needs to be said, as it seems more and more that this is really a thing. Fanboy-ism needs to stop. It was / is bad enough when it came to gaming consoles, pc, etc. etc. now it is just another thing with photographers. There is a difference between brand loyalty and being a fanboy. 
The reason for this post of mine is watching again all the comments about the newly released camera and every second person is going on about it being the best brand, etc. etc. etc. this is obviously not true, as if this were the best brand then all the high end professionals would only use this brand. But they don't, they use a variety of different gear and brands, they use the tools to get the job done, by what it can do and not by what the others have to say.
It is so easy to fall in the trap of thinking that this gear will help you with your photography because someone else is promoting it and their work is something that you admire. But the thing that you need to bare in mind is that this persons work is based off of years of honing their craft, not because they bought the latest item from their favourite brand, unfortunately though a lot of brand ambassadors are really starting to push the fanboy-ism instead of the craft and this needs to STOP.
Chase Jarvis showed that the saying he lived by "the best camera is the one that's with you" is what he is capable of, if you do not know about this, then take a look here. The main thing one needs to learn is that it is not always about the gear (certain gear is required for certain things) but it is more about being able to use what you have available and how to use it to its potential.
The main thing is you need to have gear that you are comfortable using and that you know and understand. Learn your gear, learn the craft (composition, lighting, etc.) and enjoy what you are doing and shooting rather than worrying about the next piece of gear that looks good. 
The only thing that fanboy-ism is good for is sales for manufacturers and at the end of the day it hurts the photographers themselves, the reason I say this is, watching some of the comments on people saying they only shoot with xyz photographers, then say things like because it makes their life easier to use images. But they do not even care about the end result (what the persons work looks like, what they are capable of, etc.), only the camera.
When you get caught in this trap, especially as a beginner to amateur, it is easy to feel discouraged and lose the fun that is in photography. Let me remind you that this is for the fun and love of photography, yes there are times that you need better gear, but use the gear you have and upgrade gear wisely, not because a new camera is out, otherwise you would be worried about the next camera rather than the next photo.
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